Setting Reasonable Reading & Writing Goals WITH Your Learners

Setting Reasonable Reading & Writing Goals WITH Your Learners

Setting goals can be a daunting task for young learners (and older learners too).

How do you empower your learners to set their own learning goals?

Empower Your Learners

Help your learners review their work to drive the goals they set for themselves as readers & writers.

👉 Readers & writers need to see their successes and struggles.

👉 Readers & writers need to reflect and think aloud about their work up to that point.

👉 Readers & writers will see what they can accomplish when they reflect on their work to set new goals.
👉 Learners need to determine what they are doing as readers & writers and the kinds of readers & writers they want to become. 
When learners take part in reflection and goal setting they are more empowered to work toward showing progress to move closer to the vision they have for themselves as readers and writers.  

How to Write Reasonable Reading & Writing Goals WITH Your Learners

  1. Have learners browse through their notebooks or literacy portfolios to review all the work they have done so far.  Have them jot a few notes down about what they notice.
  2. Have a conversation with your learners about how they see themselves as a reader or writer right now. 
  3. Share your vision of the reader or writer.  Share what you think the reader or writer can become.   Then, ask, How are the visions the same and how are they different?
  4. Based on the conversations determine a reasonable goal to help your learner move closer to the reader or writer he or she wants to become.   Choose ONE goal to work on now.
  5. Write the goal together using a thinking stem, such as, I will ____ by ____.
  6. Work together to determine small action steps to take when working to achieve the goal. 
  7. Review the goal and action plan together. 
  8. Return to the goal in about 4 weeks to review, reflect AND...Determine new action steps to meet the goal OR, celebrate the goal achievement and set a new goal.
Help your learners set attainable goals.  Learners will be guided through setting reasonable and attainable goals with these easy-to-use resources.
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